A sensible approach to resolving your legal issues.
Serving Peterborough with Family Law, Real Estate Law, Wills & Estates, and Business Law.

Our law firm focuses on resolving issues in a calm, respectful, and transparent manner. We are here to guide and support you through your situation while also minimizing stress. You can expect our lawyers to develop a sensible, results-driven approach to your case that suits your unique needs and/or challenges.

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Real Estate Law & Mortgages

Whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing, our lawyers can help. We have an excellent team of real-estate experts who can help you close your deal.

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Wills & Estate Planning & Administration

Whether you’re in the process of estate planning or are winding up an estate as executor, we can help. We can prepare your Will and your Powers of Attorney, while structuring your estate to maximize what you leave to your beneficiaries.

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Family Law

Whether you need a cohabitation agreement, have separated from your spouse, or are in the midst of a child support and custody dispute, we can help you navigate the waters of Family Law. With over twenty-five years of Family Law experience, our firm is prepared to represent you in your family law matter.

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Arbitration & Mediation

Not every dispute needs to go to court. Wherever possible, we encourage our clients to mediate or arbitrate their dispute. These forms of alternative dispute resolution are faster, private, and more economical than going to court.

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