Estate planning is critical to ensuring your assets (property, money, investments) get transferred according to your wishes after you die. This also covers other personal matters including assigning someone to act on your behalf if something happens and you are no longer able to look after matters on your own.

A will is a written document that details a person’s wishes regarding their estate and takes effect when a person dies. As experienced professionals, we can assist you with defining your wishes and discussing various options for your estate plan. If someone dies without a will, it’s referred to as an “intestacy”, and the Succession Law Reform Act defines how the estate will be distributed. It can get complicated as there are various rules pertaining to inheritance and heirs. The small investment in time and expense to create a will now far outweigh the challenges that can be created for your loved ones if you die without one.

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Our experienced lawyers will help you come up with an estate plan that maximizes what you pass on to your heirs while minimizing their stress after you die.

When should a person create a will, or undertake estate planning activities? While there is no legal requirement, nor a one approach fits all answer, generally as soon as you own property, have a spouse or have children, you will want to ensure you have a will in place.

Our lawyers can help you better understand the options available and assist you in your estate planning needs. We make the process much easier than you might think. Creating a will is a simple way you can minimize family anguish during a difficult time.