What is a marriage contract or prenuptial agreement?

Marriage contracts (sometimes referred to as a prenuptial agreement) are important legal documents that outline what you are bringing into the marriage such as real estate, child arrangements, and assets. These agreements can help avoid a potentially messy divorce down the road. A marriage contract can be signed at any point during the relationship, not just before the wedding. The marriage contract should clearly define how much your assets are worth and how you will divide your property if your marriage ends. If you aren’t married, but in a common-law relationship, you have the option of drawing up a similar agreement referred to as a cohabitation agreement.

Often, parties entering a relationship with significant or unequal assets, parties entering a second or third marriage, or parties with children from a prior relationship should strongly consider putting a marriage contract in place.

What can I include in a marriage contract?

As family lawyers, we have the expertise to draw up a marriage contract to determine you and your spouse’s respective rights and obligations on separation. A marriage contract can include and outline agreements on:

  • Spousal support
  • Property and real estate investments brought into the marriage
  • How property will be divided upon separation
  • How assets will be distributed in case of death
  • Financial support for yourself and your children if the marriage ends

Before signing a marriage contract, speak to our lawyers for assistance.

We can help you draft, negotiate, and enforce a marriage contract. Contact our experienced lawyers to learn how a marriage contract can protect your assets and promote your family’s best interests